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How Flipbook Works!

To read JP online. Use the second icon from the right for full screen mode and the large arrows at each side to more forward and back.  [ESC] gets you back to the landing page.  Most of the icons at the bottom of each volume are intuitive, but more description is at the bottom of this page.


More Information about Using “3d-Flipbook”

Most of the icons at the bottom of each “3D Flipbook” volume of JP are intuitive and if you hover over them there is a word telling you what each does.  From left to right:  1) increases size of page; 2) decrease size in page; 3) fits all to space allotted; 4) flips page back one; 5) number of page you are on (Note:  this is not the page number in JP, it is the page number from the start of that particular volume.  Since JP is has page number running consecutively for the whole year, the page number (except for volume 1 each year) do not match.  You can replace that number with a number of your choice and jump directly to that page.); 6) number of pages in volume; 7) flips page forward one; 8) download the whole pdf file to your own machine; 9) print the pdf file on your own printer; 10) go into full screen mode  [ESC] take you out of full screen mode 11) setting for such thinks as “sound – on/off” brightness etc. .  Holding the left mouse button down and moving it will pan the page.

Page numbers:

      • Volume 73 no 1 –  pages 1-49
      • Volume 73 no 2 –  pages 49-88
      • Volume 73 no 3 –  pages 89-144
      • Volume 73 no 4 –  pages 145-196
      • Volume 73 no 5 –  pages 197-247
      • Volume 74 no 1 –  pages 1-48
      • Volume 74 no 2 – pages 49-96
      • Volume 74 no 3 – pages 97-144