Copy Service & Digital Media

Anyone wishing to see an item from the index should contact the Copy Service Manager. The preferred method of delivery is as electronic page images in *.jpg format. Up to five such images will be sent by email without charge. For a larger number of images, the image files will be transferred to a flash drive (thumb drive)  which will be mailed to the user. For users unable to deal with electronic images, the Copy Service Manager will prepare paper copies of the electronic images, and mail them out. This is time-consuming, and is not encouraged. It is possible that if that issues of Japanese Philately (see back issues) or  ISJP monographs are still available, these will be less expensive for the user than paper copies of scanned images, and can probably be obtained more quickly. Aside from supplying single items on a flash drive (thumb drive), full volumes of Japanese Philately can also be supplied.

Payment Terms:

Full remittance is required with all orders. Remittances should be made payable to ISJP, and must always be in US currency. Acceptable forms of payment include personal checks drawn on US banks, US domestic money orders, international money orders, US currency travelers checks, and US banknotes. Payment may also be sent through PayPal by using their website, and arranging remittance to our account. Our account name is Except through the use of PayPal, we do not accept payment by credit card.


The current Copy Service Manager is:

Kenneth Kamholz
PO Box 1283
Haddonfield, NJ 08033 USA

All prices include postage.

All items can be ordered online or by mail from the publisher at the above address.

To order any of these products, hover over the graphic of what you want and click on the plus sign that becomes visible.

Electronic images – individual pages:
  1. By email, up to 5 images, no charge.
  2. On a flash drive (thumb drive), each 50 images or part thereof:
    • U.S. and Canada, US $15
    • All others, US $26

Buy Below:

Electronic images – full volumes:

Japanese Philately on a flash drive (thumb drive)

  • U.S. and Canada, US $12 plus $3 per volume .
  • All others, $21 plus $3 per volume.

The entire run of Japanese Philately on one 16GB Flash Drive

US $75 to any address

Buy below:

Paper copies – individual pages

U.S. and Canada,
US $6 for the first 20 pages, US $4 for each additional 20 pages

All other destinations:
US $9 for the first 20 pages, US $6 for each additional 20 pages