Local Chapters

ISJP members are spread over the world, with some on almost every continent.  Therefore it is not practical to hold regular general meetings.  But the the society encourages the formation of  autonomous regional chapters which do hold regular meetings and sponsor or take part in exhibitions. Currently we have chapters in London (United Kingdom), Washington DC (USA) and Southern California (USA)

It does not matter how many ISJP members get together to form a chapter.  But if members in you area would like to have a chapter, please let the Secretary know.

British Society for Japanese Philately (London)

BSJP Meeting at STAMPEX — London 19-22 February 2014

by Alan Cowie

The photo shows the group at The Albion restaurant where the meeting was held on 20 February. Gen Fujise came from Switzerland again.  Florian Eichhorn, like Ken Clark, a Director of the ISJP, flew in from Germany.

Those present pictured left to right are: Nicholas Pertwee, Jan Simons, BSJP Chairman Ken Clark, Gen Fujise, Philip Kaye, Paul Jackson, Florian Eichhorn, and BSJP Secretary Alan Cowie.


The British Society for Japanese Philately seeks to further the study and enjoyment of Japanese philately in the U.K. and contact between all its members.


Journal:   Kiku Shimbun: 3 times per year
Dues:   £17.50, £18.00 Credit Cards; £20.65 Overseas…due 1/1 each year.
Meetings:   Monthly, check dates with Secretary
Meeting Place:  ‘The Gunmakers’ pub, 33 Aybrook St., Marylebone, London
Meeting Time:   7pm
Contact:   Secretary/Treasurer Alan Cowie
Chairman/Editor:   Ken Clark


The BSJP is always pleased to welcome visitors from other countries  visiting the UK. If interested, please contact Alan Cowie by email. 



Southern California Chapter of ISJP

The Southern California Chapter of the International Society for Japanese Philately is a local chapter dedicated to fostering, developing, and otherwise enhancing stamp collecting, with a focus on Japanese philately, within the Southern California area.


Newsletter/Meeting Notice:  Monthly by email Barbara Bilson
Dues:  $16 per year, pro-rated quarterly
Meetings:  First Sunday each month
Meeting Place:  Rotates at various locations in Los Angeles area
Meeting Time:   1:30-3:30pm
Annual Meeting:   October at SESCAL
President:  Ed Kawasaki
Secretary:  Dave Frick
Treasurer:  Janet Baas
Program Chairman:  Don Lacer
Add to Meeting Notice:  Ed Kawasaki
Website: SCCISJP

Washington, DC Chapter of ISJP (USA)

 Annual Luncheon 3 December 2013 – Japanese restaurant in Manassas, VA

Those partaking were (left to right in the photograph) Ken Kamholz, John Ludes Jr., Douglas K. Lehmann, Lee R. Wilson, and Dr. Ann Brown.

Dues:  $3 annually
Meetings:  First Tuesday each month
Meeting Place:  Lewinsville Presbyterian Church, 1724 Chain Bridge Rd, McLean VA
Meeting Time:  7:30pm
President:  Dr. Ann Brown
Contact:  Lee Wilson, 4216 Jenifer St. N.W., Washington DC 20015