Exploring Japanese Foreign Mail (Roman Letter) Postmarks

The Foreign Mail Postmark Study Groups maintain listings of all the different post offices where a usage of that postmark has been recorded. This includes the earliest and latest reported dates. References to recent information published in Japanese Philately is included with these listings.  For older references see the Japanese philately Cumulative Index.

In 2013 after the death of Charles “Chuck” Swenson the Roman Letter Postmarks Study Group was restarted with four new volunteers.  The full story of this restart is found in Japanese Philately, Vol. 68 No. 6 pages 332-333.  Two members of the group formed in 2013 are still tracking new information for the Listings.  Alan Cowie for the Roller Postmarks and Anker Nielsen for the different types of circular postmarks.  Please help by referring to the current listings to determine if you can provide information about a new post office, or an amended first and/or last date for an existing entry.

Details and links to listing are found on the pages below: