The much-expanded second edition of ISJP CD-ROM Monograph No. 1, Forgeries of the Dragon, Cherry Blossom and Koban Postage Stamps of Japan includes all known forgeries as of May 2002.

The first edition (1997) provided information of the forgeries of Wada, Hirose and the Spiro brothers in 1600 pages and 1850 images. The content of this new edition has increased to over 2300 pages and 2800 images and includes information on all known forgeries attributed to identifiable forgers as well as the products of unknown forgers. It also includes material that could be misrepresented as genuine to unsuspecting collectors and has a section detailing some of the difference between forgeries and genuine dragon stamps.

Full color enlargements at 300 and 600 percent display the key points that identify plates, states, positions, and types. There is a glossary, extensive bibliography and index. The CD will run on either a PC or Macintosh computer and uses a Web browser such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, or Chrome.

The price for ISJP members is $39.95 postpaid in the U.S.A. and Canada; $42.95 (with shipping) elsewhere. The non-member price is $49.95 which also includes a year’s membership in the ISJP. You may order online below or send your order to Ken Kamholz, ISJP Publisher, P.O. Box 1283, Haddonfield, NJ 08033-0760 U.S.A. with your check for payment.


Corrections and Additions on Website

The corrections page is a simple table listing where to find the error and its correction. On all pages references are provided to the relevant pages on the CD-ROM where X: is the drive letter of your CD-ROM. Users should substitute the letter of their CD-ROM drive for the X is every case. All pages listed this way can be accessed directly on the CD-ROM or found by a logical search through the indexes. Other pages have graphics.  Almost all of the graphics are clickable and bring up an enlargement in a “lightbox”  when you click on the x that shows when you hover over the graphic.


    1. Subsequent errors and additions to the CD-ROM identified in the future will be added periodically to these update pages. Users of the CD-ROM are encouraged to identify any additional errors and new discoveries and submit them to
    2. Since the publication of the CD-ROM it has been established that the forgeries historically attributed to Kamigata were produced by Maeda Kihei, and published by the firm Kamigataya, the owner(s) of which is presently unknown. Accordingly, forgeries referenced to ‘Kamigata’ on the CD-ROM have been referred to as emanating from ‘Kamigataya’ in the update pages.

3. I would like to gratefully acknowledge the contributions to the update pages made by the following ISJP members:

  • Hideo Endo (5417)
  • George A. Fisher Jr (193)
  • Gerard Garritsen (5933)
  • Kenneth Kamholz (2329)
  • Larry Lewendon (4792)
  • Jens Meulengracht-Madsen (5360)
  • Michael E. Ruggiero (1484)
  • Michael Stein (non-member)
  • Mack Strathdee (3399)
  • Pierre Tissot van Patot (5498)

Ron Casey –  November 2004 & 2006


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