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New Presentation by Ken Kamholz entitled “Japonica: What it’s all about philatelically”


Website Updates

Sections  on  Foreign Mail Postmarks  & Pictorial Postmark have been updated 1/26/2022

Lost Mail

 January 26, 2022: The December 2021 issue of Japanese Philately was printed and delivered to the publisher on Wednesday 8 December.  The copies for those paying the Airmail supplement were mailed out on Thursday 9 December.  The bulk mailing to the general membership was completed early Monday 13 December.

 As of today, Wednesday 26 January, no copies of the December issue seemed to have been delivered from that bulk mailing to US members.  Therefore, the published has had to formally place a reprint order with our printer and it will be re-mailed as soon as possible.

If you have received your December issue of JP,  let us know with a comment below.