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2024.1.17 Press Release: ISJP Donates to Boston 2026 World Expo

The International Society for Japanese Philately (ISJP) is pleased to announce its $5000 donation to Boston 2026 World Expo, the twelfth international philatelic exhibition of the United States.  Ed Kawasaki, the President of the ISJP, explains, “This donation signifies our commitment to bringing the beauty and excitement of Japanese philately to an international audience, while providing an opportunity for our members to network and share our passion”.

Boston 2026 World Expo takes place May 23-30, 2026 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.  In addition to an international array of dealers and postal administrations, there will be approximately 3500 frames of exhibits, a court of honor, and a substantial literature competition.  More details about Boston 2026 can be found at or on Twitter and Facebook.

The ISJP will host a booth, hold a series of seminars, have a special networking event, and sponsor the Robert M. Spaulding Award for the best Japanese and related exhibit.  “We are delighted to plan a fun and educational gathering while fostering fellowship in Japanese philately”, says ISJP Publisher, Ken Kamholz.  “We are building on the experience of the ISJP’s participation at World Stamp Show, NY-2016 and will offer a wonderful opportunity to connect, collect, and learn—whether a neophyte or expert”.

SESCAL Literature Winners

SESCAL (Stamp Exhibition of Southern California) had been one of the main venues for collectors of Japanese related material to display their philatelic exhibits and literature articles. Sadly, SESCAL has announced that there will be No SESCAL show in 2023 or in the Foreseeable Future!  More information can be found on the SESCAL website here.

ISJP members who were winners in the SESCAL literature competitions are shown below.


  • 2022 —  Vermeil — “Domestic registration labels and stamps used from 1897-1945″,  by Anker Nielsen
  • 2021Large Gold, Reserve Grand Award, Special Awards: Best Japanese Related Article & Postal History Society Award “Foreign registration labels with letter codes A, B or C”,  by Anker Nielsen
    • Other Large Gold
      • “Meiji Period Mail Collection Seal Books”, by Kenneth Bryson
      • “The Christmas Postcards of the Japanese POW camps in WWI”, by Harold Krische
    • Vermeil
      • “A Postcard in a Bottle”, by Kenneth G. Clark
      • “Visit of the Great White Fleet to Japan1908: Program and Postcards”, by Anker Nielsen
    • Large Silver
      • “Disneyana Japonica“, by William Silvester
    • Silver
      • “Japonica (1) & (2)”,  by Danny Meng
  • 2020Large Gold, Special Award: Best Japanese Related Article“The 1919 Nioshima Camp Exhibition and its Postcards”  by Harold Krische
    • Vermeil
      • “Report: A Personal Discovery“, by Kenneth Bryson
      • “The First Showa Series of Definitive Stamps – Coil Stamps/Booklet Stamps”,  Kenneth G. Clark
      • “‘Double Circle’ type Medium-Size, Single-Circle cancellation with a 2-digit year, New reported sightings from Kōbe and Tōkyō”, by Anker Nielsen
    • Large Silver
      • “Karl Lewis Yokohama Years”, by Todd Lewis
      • “New Karl Lewis New Zealand Covers?”, by Todd J. Lewis
      • “Registered domestic mail with proof of delivery”, by Anker Nielsen
    • Silver
      • “1889 Cover with Interesting Markings“, by Zach Lawrence
    • Silver-Bronze
      • “Another Cover with Interesting Markings“, by Zach Lawrence

Postmark Updates 2022.1.26

Sections  on  Foreign Mail Postmarks  & Pictorial Postmark have been updated.

Lost Mail: 2022.1.16

The December 2021 issue of Japanese Philately was printed and delivered to the publisher on Wednesday 8 December.  The copies for those paying the Airmail supplement were mailed out on Thursday 9 December.  The bulk mailing to the general membership was completed early Monday 13 December.

 Wednesday 26 January, no copies of the December issue seemed to have been delivered from that bulk mailing to US members.  Therefore, the published placed a reprint order with the printer and it was re-mailed.