50 Themes of Japanese Philately

To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of India – Japan Diplomatic Relations, M.R. Ranganathan has begun a series of 50 lectures on Japanese philately with a mixture of philately and Japanese history / culture.  Each weekly lecture will cover a different subject / topic.

Interested members who want to attend the Zoom lectures live can watch them in the United States on Friday 7:30 pm (Hawaii Time); 10:30 pm (Pacific Time); 11:30 pm  (Mountain Time); Saturday 12:30 am (Central Time); and 1:30 am (Eastern Time).  Zoom Meeting Login Details: 812 7828 4878; Passcode:  ABKSTAMP.


To watch the latest Zoom Lecture live and past Zoom lectures and accompanying Power Point presentations can be viewed here.

Lecture 1   February 12, 2022   Japan’s Imperial Systems Stamps   (Presentation about 57 min. First half of the Lecture is the introduction of speakers.)      Power Point Presentation

Lecture 2   February 19, 2022   Philatelic Week      (About 48 min)      Power Point Presentation   

Lecture 3   February 26, 2022   Japan’s War and Peace Stamps       (About 65 min)     Power Point Presentation

Lecture 4   March 5, 2022   Oku No Hosimichi (The Narrow Road to the Deep North)     (About 42 min)     Power Point Presentation  

Lecture 5   March 12, 2022   Japan’s Festivals Through Some Japanese Stamps   —    Power Point Presentation only   (Due to the size of the Lecture – Download to View)  

Lecture 6   March 19, 2022   Ukiyo-e (Floating World) Through Some Stamps of Japan     (About 58 min)      Power Point Presentation

Lecture 7   March 26, 2022   Japan’s Aviation Through Some Japanese Stamps    (About 65 min)      Power Point Presentation

Lecture 8   April 2, 2022   Japanese Postal History of Japan Post Through Japanese Stamps Part 1      (About 52 min)     Power Point Presentation

Lecture 9   April 9, 2022   Japanese Postal History of Japan Post Through Japanese Stamps Part 2      (About 74 min)      Power Point Presentation

Lecture 10  April 16, 2022   Let Us Climb “MOUNT FUJI” with Japanese Stamps       (About 71 min)      Power Point Presentation  

Lecture 11  April 23, 2022   Let Us Walk on “Japan’s Bridges” with Japanese Stamps     (About 65 min)        

Lecture 12  April 30, 2022   Listen to Interesting “Japanese Folktales” with Japanese Stamps     (About 58 min)        

Lecture 13  May 7, 2022   Ride Along on “Japanese Railways” with Japanese Stamps      (About 71 min)        

Lecture 14  May 14, 2022   The 20th Century Museum Series Part A with Japanese Stamps    (About 59 min) 

Lecture 15  May 21, 2022  To Visit the 20th Century Series Part B with Japanese Stamps     (About 76 min) 

Each week, the latest Zoom Lecture and Power Point Presentation will be added. 

Upcoming Lectures

Lecture 16  May 28, 2022  TBA