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Official Program - American Fleet in Tokyo 1908

Visit of the Great White Fleet to Japan 1908: Program and Postcards

by Anker Nielsen

Published June 2021


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Correction to article on China Clipper (published JP 75/174-182)

by Ken Lawrence

Japanese Philately – February 2021


Official Program - American Fleet in Tokyo 1908

SESCAL 2020 Literature Award Winners

by Lois M. Evans-de Violini

Japanese Philately – December 2020


Karl Lewis and the China Clipper

by Todd J. Lewis

Japanese Philately – October 2020


2020.5.29 4th National Treasures Series, Set 1

Japanese Philately – August 2020


2020.4.1. International Airmail Picture Postcards

Japanese Philately – April 2020


From Kōbe to New York: A cover delayed 5 years by war

by David Grossblat

Japanese Philately – February 2020


Ninoshima P.O.W. Camp Exhibition Postcards (1919)

by Harold Krische

Japanese Philately – December 2019


Japanese Joint Issues with Other Countries

by Ken Kamholz, with additional research by Toni Lumsden

Japanese Philately – October 2019