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To be a  member of the International Society for Japanese Philately, you need to fill-in the application form and pay the US$16 in annual dues (dues are the same worldwide).  Membership is worldwide and open to any philatelist of ethical reputation.  Members receive all publications for the current year including Japanese Philately, Monographs, Annual and Cumulative Indexes. They have access to the membership section of this website.  The following benefits available to members only:

  • The current issues of Japanese Philately  online often before the mailed issue reaches anyone.
  • A Library listing with over 1000 titles.  Members can borrow for the cost of mailing only.
  • Two free 4-line advertisements each year in Japanese Philately and additional advertising space at very low rates.
  • Buy new issue postal stationery from Sales Manager for Stationery.
  • A free digital expertizing service available only to members
  • Annual membership list available online in the membership only section.