Monograph 17


The Tourist Sheets and Booklets of Japan,
by Ron Casey, 2004. In full color, 110pp..

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ISJP Monograph No. 17: The Tourist Sheets and Booklets of Japan

by Ron Casey

The most prolific producer of forgeries of Japan’s early Dragon, Cherry Blossom and Koban stamps was Wada Kotaro-. Wada originated the concept of affixing series of his forgeries to attractive sheets with ornamental borders for sale and distribution, and this practice was copied by the firm of Kamigataya, which also produced forgeries. These sheets have been colloquially referred to over the years as ‘tourist sheets’ as they were largely distributed in Japanese ports where foreigners were visiting and settling.

This monograph provides a comprehensive study (in full color) of all the different types and designs of these sheets. In all, 23 different designs of Wada sheets have been identified, which the author has classified into five major groups in chronological order. The study also discusses the various imitations of the Wada and Kamigataya sheets produced by non-forgers.

Lastly, the monograph provides an analysis of a number of small booklets (and their imitations) produced by Wada that present his forgeries in a similar format to the tourist sheets.

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