Monograph 18


Philippine Airmail Flights before 1942 Involving Japan,
by Geoffrey Brewster 2005. 47pp.

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ISJP Monograph No. 18: Philippine Airmail Flights before 1942 Involving Japan

 by Geoffrey Brewster

In 1999 the author, Geoffrey Brewster, compiled a proposed revision to the “Philippine Islands” (P.I.) section of the American Air Mail Catalogue (AAMC). During 2000-2002 Mr. Brewster presented this proposed revision in serial form in Possessions, the journal of the United States Possessions Philatelic Society (USPPS).

Having obtained approval from both the AAMC and the USPPS, the ISJP published this monograph in 2004 incorporating the full details of the Japan-related flights in Mr Brewster’s proposed P.I. revision, even if only one or two of a much larger number of total legs of the flight involved Japan. Most of the flight legs include information on the quantities of mail carried.

Besides the details of the flights in AAMC format, the monograph also has illustrations of covers for most of the flights involving Japan, as well as the various Flight cachets and Japanese Scenic datestamps used on mail to and from Japan. There is also a comprehensive concordance provided, which allows readers to match the flight numbers in the Brewster revision with the most recently published (1974) AAMC listing.

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