Japanese Philately 

The journal Japanese Philately (usually five or six issues a year), copiously illustrated with photographs and maps., The usual length of an issue is 48 pages, with occasional issues of even greater length.

Standard for each issue of the journal is a (1) table of contents; (2) information about the officers, and services;  (3) new members; but most important  (4)  is the in depth information about the new issues of Japan not found elsewhere and the articles of lasting value concerning the postal history and philately of Japan and related countries.  These  articles are  both short and long,  Annual indexes are also published.  To view what we publish, be sure to look at the “Representative Articles” from the most recent nine issues of Japanese Philately.  Many of the back issues of the journal and monographs are also available for sale.

Whether a member’s interests are general or specialized, the ISJP’s objective is to provide (at low cost) useful information not available elsewhere. All memberships are on a calendar-year basis. Regardless of when you join, you will receive all issues of Japanese Philately (and accompanying indexes and monographs) published for that year. To join the ISJP, please follow the instructions on the Join us page.  Dues are only US$16.00 a year.

Japanese Philately is without equal in its effort to publish very detailed and systematic cumulative index that permits readers to locate whatever articles are relevant to their research.  This cumulative indexes are updated annually and are available free of charge as a download from this site.

Throughout the over 70 years of publication, the Journal has be awarded for its treatment of content, originality, significance, research, as well as its production in literature competitions in the US and elsewhere. The last literature competition entered in 2016 resulted in a gold awards.