The magazine Japanese Philately


The magazine Japanese Philately (4 to 6 issues a year), is printed in full color and copiously illustrated with photographs and maps, concentrating on information that is likely to be of lasting value. The average size of an issue is 56-64 pages.

A year’s volume of Japanese Philately usually totals around 300 pages. Our printers provide high-quality reproduction of text, photographs, maps and other illustrations on 8½ x 11 inch pages that open flat. The ISJP publishes far more pages than most other specialist-society magazines, and uses far more and larger illustrations. In the American Philatelic Society’s first National Philatelic Literature Competition, Japanese Philately won the Grand Award as the best periodical produced by a specialist society. At international exhibitions around the world, Japanese Philately has consistently placed at or near the top in literature awards.