Sankō, Mozō, Mihon Positions

Position 1: (high on either side, inside outer frames under corner ornaments.) Found on Syllabic 1 (i): blue, Syllabic 2 (ro): blue, Syllabic 3 (ha): blue, and Crossed branches: blue.

Position 2: (on either side of second value character from N.) Found on Syllabics 5 (ho): brown

Position 3: (on either side of N value character.) Found on Crossed branches: brown, Syllabic 5 (ho): brown, and Branches tied in ribbon: brown


Sankō vertical: (above syllabics.) Found on Syllabic 5 (ho): brown

Mozō horizontal: (above syllabics or crossed branches.) Found on Crossed branches: blue or brown and Syllabic 5 (ho): blue or brown

Mihon vertical: (W side of central value characters.) Found on Syllabic 5 (ho): brown