SESCAL 2020 (Stamp Exhibition of Southern California)

The 76th Annual Stamp Exhibition of Southern California

2- 4 October 2020 –  Cancelled 8/18/2020


Had the COVID-10 virus not closed this show, the ISJP would have had a booth at SESCAL 2020.  In the SESCAL General Chairmans own words, “We reviewed the St. Louis show, the situation in California, the pros and cons of holding a show, and discussed alternatives such as a local bourse. It is with regret that we decided to cancel SESCAL 2020 except for the Literature Exhibit and work toward and even better SESCAL 2021.”

New to the SESCAL is a Literature Exhibit of articles.  Japanese Philately  authors were invited to participate and several did participate. You can find their articles at     The full Palmares is at this same site.

The 1919 Ninoshima Camp Exhibition and its Postcards

by Harold Krische

Wins a “Large Gold”  and Special Award award for best Japanese Related Article at SESCAL 2020.

Other Winners with Japanese Articles



Report: A Personal Discovery, by Kenneth Bryson

The First Showa Series of Definitive Stamps – Coil Stamps/Booklet Stamps,  Kenneth G. Clark.

“Double Circle” type Medium-Size, Single-Circle cancellation with a 2-digit year, New reported sightings from Kōbe and Tōkyō, by Anker Nielsen


Large Silver

Karl Lewis Yokohama Years, by Todd Lewis

New Karl Lewis New Zealand Covers? by Todd J. Lewis

Registered domestic mail with proof of delivery, by  Anker Nielsen



1889 Cover with Interesting Markings by Zach Lawrence


Another Cover with Interesting Markings, by Zach Lawrence