Monograph 19


Charles A. L. Swenson
The Variant Color Datestamps of Japan, 2005. 128pp.

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ISJP Monograph No. 19: The Variant Color Datestamps of Japan

by Charles A. L. Swenson

Most collectors of Japanese philately are familiar with Large Commemorative Datestamps (LCDs) and Small Commemorative Datestamps (SCDs) which contain both a caption that explains the event commemorated together with a pictorial element.

What is less well known is that there was a third type of commemorative handstamp – Variant Color Datestamps (VCDs), which were produced by approved post offices through applying their ordinary domestic datestamp in a color of ink other than black specifically for the event.

This monograph provides a comprehensive listing of all 312 known VCDs, including details of post office, date, ink color, and not only the event commemorated, but also in many cases detailed historical notes about the event. To further assist readers the author has provided the kanji ideographs on the datestamp for each post office, as well as structured, step-by-step instructions to assist in interpreting the datestamps. The monograph is further enhanced by many color illustrations of VCDs used on commemorative postcards.

North American Destinations $25
Other Destinations $35 (with shipping)