Monograph 12


Edward J. Rasmussen
Japan’s Fieldpost in Siberia, Manchuria, Sakhalin 1918-1925, 1997. 96pp

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ISJP Monograph No.12: Japan’s Fieldpost in Siberia, Manchuria, Sakhalin 1918-1925

by Edward J. Rasmussen 

Edward J. Rasmussen has rendered a very comprehensive analysis of his monograph’s subject, starting with a preliminary historical essay which, with reference to fold-out maps at the back of the publication, provides a very good context to understand the fieldpost operations.

This is followed by a detailed discussion of the fieldpost incorporating many illustrations of used envelopes and cards, which include translations of the more commonly used identifying marks and postal inscriptions encountered. Many excellent reference tables and listings are provided including one with a full listing of fieldpost offices, together with their opening and closing dates, location, operating unit name, and earliest and latest recorded postmarks; while another listing provides the postal volume and number of postal personnel at each location.

The Concordance for Place Names is an additional useful tool as turning contemporary Japanese renderings of Russian names into Roman letters often produces a name very far from the Russian original.

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