Monograph 10


Sune Johnson
A Concordance: The Stamps of Japan, Ryukyus, and Manchoukuo, 1981. 47pp

Note: Publication supplied as photocopies.

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ISJP Monograph No. 10: A Concordance: The Stamps of Japan, Ryukyus, and Manchuokuo 1871-1979

by Sune Johnson

One shortcoming of the increasing ease nowadays to buy and sell stamps internationally, primarily through Internet auctions, is the use of different stamp catalogs as reference sources, and the associated non-concordance between their individual numbering systems. This monograph helps in alleviating this problem by providing a concordance between six major stamp catalogs for all the stamps of Japan, Ryukyus and Manchoukuo issued up to the end of 1979.

The publication provides separate lists for regular issue, special issue (or commemorative), and airmail stamps in chronological order together with the date of issue of each stamp, and its catalogue number in the Meikan, JSDA, JSCA, Scott, Minkus and Stanley Gibbons stamp catalogs.

Although the accuracy of the monograph’s information has been affected by catalog renumbering in the years since its publication, major international catalog producers strive to keep these changes to a minimum, and as a consequence this still remains a valuable reference source.

North American Destinations $7
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