Monograph 08


Kr. Wilhelmsen and Varro E. Tyler
The Koban Forgeries of Japan, 1979 [1994 reprint]. 63pp

Note: Publication supplied as photocopies.

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ISJP Monograph No. 8: The Koban Forgeries of Japan,

by Kr. Wilhelmsen and Varro E. Tyler

The Koban stamps of Japan, like their predecessors the Dragon and Cherry Blossom issues, have been widely forged by several different producers. This publication details all the forgeries created by Japanese producers Wada Kotaro- and Kamigataya, as well as by the Spiro Brothers in Germany.

The Wada forgeries consist of different (typically six) design types within each plate, and an enlarged image of each different design type for each denomination is provided, together with a detailed description of their individual characteristics.

Although published in 1979, this monograph still remains a valuable reference source for the Koban forgeries, although it should be noted that all the information contained within it was reproduced and updated with subsequent research in ISJP CD-ROM Monograph 1, Forgeries of the Dragon, Cherry Blossom, and Koban Postage Stamps of Japan – 2nd edition, by Ron Casey, Thomas L. Zane, and Lois M. Evans-de Violini published in 2002.

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