Monograph 05


Margaret Marcus
Paintings on Japanese Postal Issues, 1972. 56pp

Note: Publication supplied as photocopies.

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ISJP Monograph No. 5: Paintings on Japanese Postal Issues,

by Margaret Marcus

The title of this monograph does not do justice to the wealth of information it contains. Margaret Marcus has provided an encyclopaedic dissertation on the history of Japanese art, segmenting the study into the major historical periods, for each of which she discusses their main influences and identifying characteristics.

Within each historical period, biographical details (often with informative and entertaining anecdotes) are provided for each artist who has had a painting or paintings depicted on Japanese postal issues, as well as a detailed analysis and description of these particular paintings. The postal issues involved not only include Japanese stamps, but also postal stationery and postmarks (both scenic and commemorative). There is also mention of paintings by Japanese artists that have appeared on stamps of other countries.

The monograph’s presentation in an historical sequence of each artist’s life is augmented by useful indexes, which provide information by the issue date of the postal material as well as an alphabetic listing of the artists.

North American Destinations $7
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