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W. H. Haliburton, Conrad Roger, Robert M. Spaulding, Jr.,
Pacific Crossings from Japan 1858-79, 1969. 31pp

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ISJP Monograph No. 3: Pacific Crossings from Japan 1858-79

by W. H. Haliburton, Conrad Roger, Robert M. Spaulding, Jr.,

It is extremely difficult to accurately date transpacific mail sent before 1880 from Japan to the USA based on the evidence of the cover alone. This is due to the fact that although covers always bear at least one dated postmark, the date usually consists of only the month and day, with no indication of the year.

Nevertheless, this monograph provides a simple but highly effective set of procedures to follow, which the authors maintain that if properly used, will accurately date most covers. To assist in applying the sequential procedures, valuable reference tables are provided including a chronological list of all Pacific crossings from Japan compiled from shipping records, a calendar index, and an alphabetical ship name listing. Lastly the authors use their own procedures to help the reader date each of four illustrated examples.

Although published in 1969, the information in this publication has not dated, and it remains an essential reference source for people wishing to date early transpacific mail.

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