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Note: References are provided to the relevant pages on the CD-ROM where X: is the drive letter of your CD-ROM. Users should substitute the letter of their CD-ROM drive for the X is every case. All pages quoted can be accessed directly on the CD-ROM or found by a logical search through the indexes.



  1. Subsequent errors and additions to the CD-ROM identified in the future will be added periodically to this update page. Users of the CD-ROM are encouraged to identify any additional errors and new discoveries and submit them to Ron Casey.
  2. Since the publication of the CD-ROM it has been established that the forgeries historically attributed to Kamigata were produced by Maeda Kihei, and published by the firm Kamigataya, the owner(s) of which is presently unknown. Accordingly, forgeries referenced to ‘Kamigata’ on the CD-ROM have been referred to as emanating from ‘Kamigataya’ in this update page.
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